• Know something about screen printing   2015-02-16 13:50:05

    Screen printing in Shanghai is one of the oldest printing methods in shanghai, which can be tracking back to the Song Dynasty in China. This process includes creating a template image on the screen porous mesh, traditional silk do. Roller or squeegee is used to pull the kind of ink painting templates, forcing it through a screen printing to paper.

    It can be printed on mostly the surface of every material, like paper, fabric, wood, glasses, plastic. It can print on cured surface or 3D surface including the plate surface.Like most hand-printing method, screen printing has limit. It can be printed by single color for one time, which will cause efficiency is low. 

    Like any other printing process, screen printing must have certain limitations, Thin paper also difficulties because the ink may saturate them. For electronic products with metal surface, it should be better for smooth surface instead of rough matte one for screen printing. Otherwise It maybe cause not perfect printing effect.

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